Dental Technology Delivers Comfort and Efficiency

The doctors at PQ Family Dental utilize advanced dental technology in Rancho Peñasquitos and Ramona, CA, to make the patient experience both comfortable and efficient.

With advancements such as CEREC® and diode laser therapy, many treatments that formerly took multiple visits can now be accomplished in one day. We also utilize digital X-rays, which require 80 to 90 percent less radiation than traditional radiographs.

At PQ Family Dental, our dental technology lowers costs, saves time, and promotes faster and smoother recovery.

Digital X-rays

Most patients have dental X-rays taken once a year. These detailed images allow the doctor to assess the health of your teeth, tooth roots, and jaw, as well as examine the structural integrity of any restorations you may have. If you are a new patient, X-rays create a helpful reference point should any dental problems occur in the future.


Digital X-rays have significantly changed the field of dentistry: they require no film development, and expose patients to much less radiation than traditional X-rays. Furthermore, the dentist can now immediately load captured images onto an in-office monitor, to show you results and discuss any problems. Digital X-ray technology also allows the dentist to zoom in on and expand each image. The X-rays become visual aids, as the dentist presents his recommendations and your treatment options.


CEREC®, or Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic, allows our dental office to provide same-day restorations in a matter of minutes, with CAD/CAM technology (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing).

image of CEREC machine

Using our CEREC® machine, we will capture 3-D images of your teeth rather than using traditional putty impressions. These digital images will be integral in the creation of your custom-made dental crown, dental bridge, or porcelain veneers. The design will be sent to our in-office milling machine, and your restoration will be fabricated from a block of porcelain in a shade that matches your enamel. Once the restoration is finished, the dentist will make sure that it fits comfortably before securing it in your mouth.

Our dental technology lowers costs, saves time, and promotes faster and smoother recovery.

With CEREC®, when you are in need of a restoration, you can expect to receive it in about an hour or an hour and a half. No temporary restorations, extra procedures, or follow-up appointments are required.

Diode Laser Therapy

At PQ Family Dental, our dentists use diode laser therapy for gum contouring and to treat periodontal disease. If you are experiencing inflamed gum tissue, gum recession, or have a “gummy” smile, the dentist may prescribe diode laser therapy, which is much less invasive than traditional periodontal surgery.

What was once a procedure performed with a scalpel and stitches can now be performed entirely with a laser. The device cauterizes tissue as it works, promoting faster healing and a smooth recovery.

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