Cosmetic Dentistry Rancho Penasquitos

Porcelain Veneers Replacement

May 6, 2018 — by tbelnap
Tags: Porcelain Veneers

At PQ Family Dental, we offer same-day porcelain veneers replacement to improve the appearance of your smile.

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Candidates for Inlays & Onlays

April 9, 2018 — by tbelnap
Tags: Inlays Onlays

Do you have a damaged or decayed tooth? Our team at PQ Dental explores who are the best candidates for inlays and onlays.

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Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Symptoms, Diagnosis, and Treatment

February 27, 2018 — by tbelnap
Tags: Impacted Wisdom Teeth Tooth Extractions Tooth Removal

At PQ Family Dental, our doctors offer treatment for impacted wisdom teeth to help patients avoid more serious complications.

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Pediatric Dental Sealants: Protecting Children’s Smiles from Cavities

January 30, 2018 — by tbelnap
Tags: Dental Sealants General Dentistry Tooth Decay

Pediatric dental sealants can protect children’s teeth from cavities. The team at PQ Family Dentistry considers how this tooth decay prevention treatment works.

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Scaling and Root Planing – Rancho Peñasquitos, CA

January 7, 2018 — by tbelnap
Tags: Dental Treatments Gum Disease Oral Health Scaling And Root Planing

Our dentists at PQ Family Dental in Rancho Peñasquitos, CA discuss scaling and root planing and when it’s necessary for treating gum disease.

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Effective Treatment for Tooth Erosion

December 7, 2017 — by tbelnap
Tags: Restorative Dentistry Dental Crowns

At PQ Family Dentistry, patients can find effective treatments for tooth erosion that will enhance tooth strength and improve oral health.

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Tooth Sensitivity to Hot and Cold: What it Means

November 7, 2017 — by tbelnap
Tags: General Dentistry Restorative Dentistry

At PQ Family Dentistry, our doctors discuss tooth sensitivity to hot and cold, and what it could mean for your dental health.

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Dental Care for Teens, the PQ Family Dental Way

October 7, 2017 — by tbelnap
Tags: Family Dentistry Restorative Dentistry

Providing effective dental care for teens requires an understanding of and ability to cater to their special needs, both of which our team have.

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Dental Care for Seniors: Great Smiles in the Golden Years

September 6, 2017 — by tbelnap
Tags: Restorative Dentistry General Dentistry

Dental care for seniors involves treating long-term wear and tear on the teeth and gums and preventing serious issues from affecting overall wellness.

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Getting Porcelain Veneers Is Like Instant Orthodontics

August 7, 2017 — by tbelnap
Tags: Porcelain Veneers Cosmetic Dentistry Orthodontics

Porcelain veneers are nicknamed instant orthodontics because of the results they can achieve. Let's discuss this cosmetic dentistry breakthrough.

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